About Us

Welcome to T&D's website, thank you for stopping by! Think and Drink Trivia was founded by Steve Steckroth in 2008. At that time we only had 1 restaurant and Steve was a full time teacher. Since, then we've grown to over 20 gigs a week and 15 hosts and are slowly but steadily expanding. Currently we serve South Florida and have a single location in Los Angeles.  

Our format is 20 questions lasting 2 hours. We ask 4 rounds of 5 questions including 1 bonus question, and the final question of the evening is a Jeopardy! style question where you will wager between 1 and 20 points, and go negative if you miss. This allows most teams to still be in-it-to-win-it all the way up until the end of the game. 

We are proud to give back. Supporting The Renaissance Learning Academy alongside The Autism Project of Palm Beach County has improved our company by being around such great people. Please check them out and if you don't already have a charity, think of making them yours! They are doing great things on a daily basis, and we are proud to help support them!

This may seem silly, but we take trivia questions very seriously and do not like asking overly-broad or inaccurate questions. We do our best to source and reference all the questions, so if you ever run into something that doesn't' seem right, please contact us! On the same token, if you have been thinking of a question that would be perfect for us, let us have it! We love when players give us good questions! Submit them here