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Florida Team

Steve S

Captain of this crazy crew and a terrible trivia player. I grew up in Michigan where I met my lovely wife in 8th grade, awwww... I spend most of my days writing trivia questions and playing with my 1 year old daughter. I started T&D about 10 years ago and still enjoy hosting the occasional night. If/when you email or call T&D, I'll be the one answering! My wife and I also own a motorcycle rental company (www.rentaslingshot.com) check it out!

Steve C

Canadian American with a penchant for gratuitous nudity seeks trivia contestants for a good time. Apply in person Tuesday nights at Mellow Mushroom Cityplace or Wednesday nights at The Brewhouse Gallery in Lake Park. I'm the one with the microphone and beer.

Ken and Dawn

We have been voted Best Pub Trivia by the New Times. Also, we just celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary, still happy as ever! Ken is originally from Michigan, screw off Ohio State! Dawn, believe it or not, is an actual native Floridian. We have retired playing trivia and started hosting!

“Boston Paul”

Yeah, I'm from the north. I try to pronounce things correctly. I started hosting trivia since 2011 at a little bar near Harvard. Those kids are wicked smart. My games are fun, my jokes are bad, my music is awesome and if the category is science, you'd better yell "Science!" or you'll feel left out. And don't let me hear you say anything bad about Tom Brady. I control the scores, you know.


What up! Middle school teacher by day and washed up hockey player forever. I love sports and telling my students that I can still beat them at anything. Grew up in a little city called Utica, NY and proud of it. Got my Degree up in VT. I love the cold but ended up in Florida. Makes sense, right?


Born in the Philippines and raised in Charleston, South Carolina. Diehard Clemson Tiger.


Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, the rapidly advancing polar ice caps and lack of adequate higher education opportunities drove Blake south to the University of Miami. Early in his college career Blake found that answering questions in exchange for grades to be unsatisfactory, and sought higher prizes in the form of Think & Drink Trivia Tuesdays at The Rathskeller. At the end of a historic season, Blake and Mitch decided to go out on top: they announced their early retirement and intentions to replace the outgoing Patrick as host, commissioner, and God-Kings of Rathskeller Tuesday Trivia until their eventual graduation in 20??.

Steve J

Most often referred to as Steve J or the cooler Steve. I went to The University of Florida- so you could say I'm a bit of a Gator fan. CrossFitter by day and trivia dude by night, I usually run on about 4 hours of sleep! *Most importantly* I am still searching for a lady-friend…so… ladies!?


Born and raised in south Florida. Been working in the bar industry for 5+ years now and just recently retired baseball player. When not at the field or the bar, you can find me out on a boat or sandbar with a nice captain and coke. I’m the master of hosting trivia tournaments and speak fluent french... ladies... ;-)


Tom spends his days making websites, but come nightfall, you can find him hosting some of South Florida's finest bar/restaurant trivia with Think and Drink. Armed with nothing but a list of questions, a microphone, and a good attitude, Tom looks forward to hosting a great trivia night every single week.


Hi. I'm Matt. I didn't do a bio. #nobio #nawdawg #illgetonesoon


Hey, I'm Jamie. I never wrote a bio, so this is what I get :-)


Greetings friends. I am originally from Long Island and I am happy to say that I do not have a New York accent. I am not a teacher by day and at the beach surfing in the afternoons. Also, I love a good gin and tonic. Let's get weird on Tuesday's at Sports Page and Wednesdays at Two Georges.


Hey everyone, I'm Kevan! You can find me at 1000 Degrees Pizza on Mondays for Bingo and Tuesdays for trivia- I used to play lacrosse and try to get to the beach as often as possible… also- most importantly- I am SINGLE!


trivia host, musician, born entertainer. He knows the answer to every question (because they are written down in front of him)


Born in the decrepit slums of Baltimore, Maryland, Mitch was abandoned as a child in the nearby wilderness and raised by a pack of wild ostriches. Inspired by the morals, leadership, and eloquence of Ravens Linebacker Ray Lewis, Mitch made his way south to the sunny shores of Coral Gables and the University of Miami. Joining forces with partner in crime Blake, Mitch's deep knowledge of The Wire, Neil Peart, and Judaism powered the team to a historic run of Think & Drink trivia victories, after this legendary year, Mitch and Blake decided that they were, in fact, too good for trivia and announced their retirement playing trivia. Mitch hopes that the job hosting trivia on campus will help him come out of his shell a little, and that it may help him to spread his wings and fly.

LA Guy


David is a Middle School English teacher and sports writer. He spends his days teaching kids to read and write and other parts of his days discussing fantasy and "real life" sports. His favorite sport is baseball and he grew up in the Miami, Florida area as a Marlins fan. Now living in Los Angeles, his Marlins fandom remains a consistent nagging pain.

Maine Guy


Passable professional chef. Pug owner starting to look like the dog. Runs on Guinness and good times. Part-time Sasquatch. Voted Maine's Best Trivia Master 2027!